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"A sound dog for earnest people" - this saying about Central Asia Shepherd is not barely in words but truly in deed. The shepherd breed dates back to I millennium, and strong evidences prove that dogs resembling Central Asia Shepherds in features and character existed more than 4 thousand years ago; they defended settlements and herds and helped people when hunting tigers and wild pigs. For thousands years of their history Asian Sheepdogs neither changed significantly in appearance nor lost inherent intelligence and singularity of behavior. This huge and strong sheep dog calls forth reliance and may be this feeling inspires us to make Asia Shepherd Dog a friend and a guard, the only presence of which would immediately tell about unusual powers and abilities.

Central Asia Shepherd is first of all a dog created for work. It is a perfect guard, but at the same time this gigantic and fierce-looking "wolf-dog" is a tender and jealous nursemaid for the children of the house. Your kids can play whatever game they want, even ride the dog as cowboys. Should your Asia Dog get tired of playing and the kids' fun, the worst thing it can do is to go protestingly away to find a quiet place, but never act aggressively, since through ages shepherd dogs showing hostility to the master's family got instantly killed.

Whenever this breed is reviewed the shepherd dogs' ability to self-training should in no case be omitted. Throughout their history sheep dogs drilled themselves by watching and analyzing - a phenomenon that may be explained only by Central Asia Dogs' intelligence. Their capability to assess situations and react adequately, choosing the best respond, is the key that makes shepherd dogs one and only and gives peculiar charm to the breed.

Central Asia Shepherds are big but not giant, big-boned and sturdy built, but lot loose-skinned, in two words, harmonically set. Asia "wolf-dog's" endurance may be envied as well as sharp nose, eye and ear. Sleeping on the snow in severe winter will not do any harm to the dog "mantled" in thick fur, which provides excellent heat-insulation in both cold and hot weather. But the most admirable feature of the fur is that you will never have to comb mats out of your dog's hair. Owing to its structure, Asia Sheep Dogs' fur is self-cleaning. And all that makes Asia Wolf-dog versatile, not demanding companion, who perfectly adapts to the surroundings. It may seem surprising, but when living in an apartment or a flat the dog does not require much space; and if you are away, it will calmly wait for a desired walk or always ready to defend its home.

An amateur who has brought up an Asian Shepherd will have his heart taken by the breed forever and will never want to hear of any other breed.

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