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Our first Central Asia Shepherd Dog appeared at our place in 1990, it was a male Argon. Having him as a pet, we have come to love sheep dogs for exemplary and unobtrusive conduct and attitude to our family. Argon has always been patient and forbearing to our kids. He was the easiest dog to deal with, and when Argon got his first puppies we decided to keep his daughter Freda. They were among the first Central Asia Shepherd Dogs of Ryazan.

In 2000 we took a 4-month-old tigrine female. She was brought from Babysh Kurbanov, Moscow Breeding Nursery, after getting serious injures in a road accident, and was urgently operated on. Recovering after the major operation took the dog three months of intensive therapy. To encourage our new pet we named her Er-Zhan Raksha (Quelling Demon). At first it sounded more like a mockery, but after the dog was up again Raksha became equal to this name, triumphing over any difficulty. She used to climb the kennel’s roof and could jump over almost any obstacle. As Raksha was eager to get free, she used to pick up everything she could find and piled them onto her bed. Raksha was energetic and fidgety. For saving her life she paid us with puppies which she got with Ravshan (Se-Nat iz Yaroslavlya Ravshan). And littermates taken to dog shows have become champions and the «Best of the Breed». That brought us to the idea of adding the kennel’s prefix to our puppies’ names, which was to indicate their Ryazan origination. We hoped in future the kennel’s prefix would become a brand telling of high-bred dogs.

So in 2002 we founded Ryazan Yakshi Kennel. Years of work in Asia Shepherd Breeder Club of Ryazan, which was the branch of Asia Shepherd Breeder Club MOLOSS (Moscow) managed by Lubov Nikolaeva, have contributed to making a trustworthy background for our own kennel.

In 2003 Raksha’s daughter Hasar won the World Cup and was acknowledged the best in the single breed «Country’s Inheritance. 2003 Central Asia Shepherd Dog Show».

sertificate of RKF

In 2004 Ryazan Yakshi Arman — litter of Tsve-Tan Abady and Raksha — became the best male at «Country’s Inheritance. 2004 Central Asia Shepherd Dog Show» and won 2004 World Cup. At the same Shepherd Dog Show Ryazan Yakshi Hasman (litter of Hasar and Vit Bir Eldash) got the Best Puppy Prize; his mother Hasar was the second in the Champion Class. Hasar’s brother — Hub Ak Bash got the second prize in the Open Class.

We are willing to bring up puppies that can make us and any owner happy winning Cups and Dog Shows and having intact and true-bred gets.

We are located on the outskirts of Ryazan by the Oka River, which allows us to air the dogs at the river meadows. Every dog of the kennel has its own warm house; the kennel has a delivery room, a kitchen and a large paddock.

Adress: 20, ul. Shkolnaya, Semchino, Ryazan
Tel/fax: + 7 (4912) 24-01-47
E-mail: yakshi.r@gmail.com
Owner: Rybakova L. V.
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